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About Us 



InQuicker is an online check-in service focused on increasing patient satisfaction in the ER experience. Wait at home instead of in the waiting room, and upon arrival, you will be seen by a healthcare professional within 15 minutes of your projected treatment time. Click here to find projected treatment times. And when the time comes, walk right in.

Quick Facts

For 2013: 


Number of Licensed Beds 109
Number of Medical Staff  238 
Number of Employees  865 
Number of Registered Nurses  231
Inpatient Admissions (including newborns)  4,513 
Outpatient Visits, includes ER, O/P, and clinics  108,033 
Births  434
Average Daily Census  57
Surgical Procedures  2,691
Emergency Room Visits  45,288
Cath Lab Procedures  689