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Being an athlete takes its toll...

That’s why so many are looking to Dr. Michael Boyer at Baptist Easley Sports Medicine for scientific gait analysis, consultation, and minimally-invasive and non-surgical therapies. Repair. Retrain. Recover. And get back out there. Call 850.2663.

Sports Medicine

The routine grind of amateur sports—whether you’re a serious runner, club participant, golfer…weekend warrior—can really wear on your body. Dr. Michael Boyer (a runner himself) can help you deal with the aches and pains.

• Scientific gait analysis. Dr. Boyer uses a treadmill, video, and specialized software to analyze your gait and advise you regarding joint-preserving adjustments you can make.

• Mechanical consultation. Whether it’s your golf swing or your running form, mechanics can make all the difference in both results and enjoyment. With Dr. Boyer’s consultation, you can learn to play more efficiently and with less pain.

• Minimally-invasive and non-surgical therapies. In sports medicine, the best solution is usually the least invasive solution. With techniques like ultrasound-guided injections, Dr. Boyer can resolve many sports problems without surgery. And, if surgery is required (as a last resort), he can refer you to one of his highly-regarded colleagues.

You don’t have to play with pain. Repair, retrain, recover…and stay in the game.
Baptist Easley Sports Medicine