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FREEDOM to do labor and delivery your way.

The Birthplace at Baptist Easley is the right place for a mom who wants options. Our remote fetal monitors (using advanced telemetry technology) let you move around during labor. Take a walk. Sit up. Use a birthing ball. You can even take a shower or bath. Whatever keeps you comfortable. And because the fetal monitor moves with you, your delivery team never misses a beat! Find out more.

The Birthplace

The physicians and staff of MountainView Obstetrics & Gynecology work closely with the staff at The Birthplace at Baptist Easley Hospital to provide the highest level of medical care to you and your new baby. The Birthplace's state-of-the-art rooms offer a pleasant, secure environment in which the mother labors, delivers, recovers from delivery and remains until she is discharged.


Each of the private rooms offers a sleeper chair for overnight guests. You may keep your baby in your room from the time of birth until it's time to go home. A Level II Special Care Nursery is also available. For complete details about The Birthplace, ask for a brochure by calling 864.442.7308, or click here.